Challenge   ...why do we need your help?


Before lacrosse became Canada's first national sport, it was a celebration of skill, competition and community amongst the people of the First Nations as they played the Creator's game.  Today we honour the ancestors of the modern game by celebrating the underlying spirit of sport, cooperation and community outreach with lacrosse players from across the country. 

Our challenge is quite simple - to demonstrate to the rest of the country that lacrosse players can unite and reach out to those in need.   The Creator's game is a process of self improvement both on and off the floor.  Our personal growth directly improves our relationship with family, friends and the community at large. 

As a result of our responsibility to honour the Creator's game, we challenge any and all lacrosse players across the country to select worthy organizations and run a one day fund raising event.

Need a place to start?  Check out the Resources Section.

Our goal is to have the largest Lacrosse Festival in history as it spans the country.  Just think of the outcome, lacrosse will be played by individuals of different ages, abilities and social backgrounds with a single goal! 

Everyone wins as we unite across Canada through a sport we all love!


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