Partners   ...who's supporting the campaign! 

  • Spirit of the Stick - A nonprofit organization founded by Jim Veltman who's mission is to teach the game of lacrosse and life skills to communities in need.  Their outreach programs hope to build self confidence, nurture empowerment, foster self-reliance while enabling the community to growth and flourish.

  • Canadian Centre for Abuse Awareness - A charitable Non-government Organization (NGO) which rallies to the needs of those who suffer from abuse, negligent or requires assistance when no one else will help.  They have grown from their local roots into an effective nationally based organization.  Last year through direct support of families and other organizations, CCAA were able to assist over 200,000 individuals.

  • Ontario Lacrosse Association - Since 1897, the Ontario Lacrosse Association (OLA) has been recognized as the administrative governing body of all levels (youth, junior and senior) and disciplines (box, field and inter-lacrosse) of lacrosse in the province. Over time, the OLA has introduced and delivered programs and services to assist in the promotion and development of the sport provincially.



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